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VPN Tunneling Overview

VPN connection does not depend on whether you use a modem, cable modem, LAN, or any other connection to the Internet. You have to be connected to the Internet prior to making a VPN connection. VPN technology allows creating an encrypted tunnel between a user's workstation and the remote access server. After connecting a client receives a new dynamic IP address, which will remain for the term of the session. This address will be used for all Internet communications through our proxy server with support of method CONNECT to any port. Both incoming and outgoing Internet traffic will be directed through this tunnel and protected with SSL encryption. VPN Tunneling is the most powerful and comprehensive solution based on industry-standard VPN protocol. It is perfect for business and home users requiring strong encryption and anonymity.

Our Virtual Private Network features:

  • Every client gets a new dynamic IP address not pointing to his/her ISP.
  • All clients' Internet traffic is encrypted with 128-bit SSL.
  • VPN traffic itself is masked, it looks like a regular Internet traffic and no unnecessary attention is attracted.
  • Anti-virus protection with McAfee Anti-Virus.
  • Content filter options (see screenshot):
    • Pop-Up window
    • ActiveX
    • Java applet
    • Scripts
    • Cross-domain referer
  • Realtime User Statistics (see screenshot):

System Requirements

  • Internet connection (via cable modem, DSL modem, dialup, corporate network)
  • Windows 2000 and higher.

How to sign up

Signing up consists of the following:
  • service subscription
  • when the subscription has been processed you will receive a welcome message with your account details
  • now you will need to visit the customers' area and download the VPN software
  • completing the installation (takes 5 minutes)
Now you are ready to go!
Please check System Requirements page before signing in.
Warning!Please read carefully before you proceed any further. Here is a list of the things we do not tolerate:
  • sending commercial advertisements and mass email messages;
  • obtaining unauthorized access to any network or a computer;
  • credit card fraud including paying for the service with a fraudulent credit card.
Any account breaching these simple requirements will be terminated with no refund. We will not be obliged to protect the privacy of such a client.

1 month AiS AliveProxy WEB VPN SSL account (1 GB traffic)
$10 (USD)