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Using AiS Alive Proxy as Proxy Checker

What is the Proxy Checker?

There is a many internet pages where you can find proxy lists. But the large parts of the proxy server is not working. For testing the proxies you can use "proxy checker" programs. We glad to present you AiS Alive Proxy is the best proxy checker.

Main Features of Proxy Checker

The main features of common proxy checkers is:

  1. validate does IP:PORT is proxy of not?
  2. determine type of proxy (Transparent or Anonymous)

If you use AiS Alive Proxy for proxy checking, you take the features and plus the next:

  1. ping to the proxy server (ms)
  2. speed the proxy server (bps)
  3. ISO country code (only if there is DNS name of the proxy)
  4. Tracerout information about the proxy (number of hops and tracerout log)

Enter Proxies for Checking

There is three ways to enter proxies addresses for checking:

  1. insert proxy addresses manualy using keyboard
  2. import proxies from your local files
  3. import proxies from specified internet pages (URL's)

If you want to check a few proxy, than you can insert it addresses and ports manualy.

AiS Alive Proxy. Inserting new proxy manualy.

If you have your own base of proxies, you can import the base to AiS Alive Proxy. This is the fast ways to prepare proxy list of checking.

AiS Alive Proxy. Import proxies from local file.

If you want to make your own large proxy list, you should periodically check of specified internet pages, which has a fresh proxies.

AiS Alive Proxy. Import proxies from intenet pages (ulr).

Start Proxy Checking

There is two ways to check proxies:

  1. check proxies one by one
  2. check all proxies

If you want to check only one proxy, you should select the proxy and press button "Check current"

If you want to check a group proxies, you should:

  1. setup filter options for select only wanted for checking proxies
  2. press button "Check all visible proxies servers"

If you want to check all proxies you should clear all filter conditions. The simlest way to do it is press "Clear filter and refresh all records of the table" button.

AiS Alive Proxy. Check group of proxies server. Setup filter options
AiS Alive Proxy. Check group of proxies server. Start cheking

Result of Proxy Checking

After cheking proxies, you can see all parameters of proxies:

  1. Type - type of proxy (Anonymous or Transparent)
  2. Last check - date and time of last proxy cheking
  3. Count good check - count of good cheks the proxy
  4. Ping - ping to the proxy (ms)
  5. Speed - speed the proxy (bps)
  6. ISO Country code - the two-three letters country name
  7. ISO Country - full country name
  8. Number of hops - number of hops to the proxy
  9. Traceroute - tracerout log to the proxy
AiS Alive Proxy. Result of proxies checking.

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