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Using as proxy server

To use AliveProxy as proxy server you have to:

  1. Enter one or more proxy servers in proxy list.
  2. Mark proxies for using in the proxy list or press button "Use for surfing" on one of proxy from the proxy list. The proxy(ies) will be used for surfing.
  3. Setup port of built-in proxy server. Usually the ports are 8000, 8080, 3128.
  4. Setup access to built-in proxy server.
  5. Start built-in proxy server. Press F9 or press the button "Start HTTP proxy server" on Http proxy server tab.
  6. Setup your browser to connect to the Internet through AliveProxy server. Run your web browser, select options and enter IP address of computer, where AliveProxy is running, and PORT, which is stated in options of AliveProxy.

Blocking access to selected URLs

You can block access through AliveProxy to specified URLs (sites with illegal content, adult sites or banner systems). See more about the feature on Block of access tab.

If you browse through AliveProxy in the same computer, you can block access to object in the Internet Explorer. Just click right mouse button on Image or Link, which you want to block and select wanted menu item ("Blocking access ..."). If you cannot find the menu items, set appropriate checkboxes in the Common Options and restart Internet Explorer.

Redirecting access from one host to another

When user of AliveProxy server tries to download specified URL you can redirect he to another. See more about the feature on Redirect tab.

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