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Using as proxy checker

You can use Alive Proxy as proxy checker. All features for proxy list processing are situated on Proxy list tab. Usually you need the three features:

  1. Making proxy list.
  2. Checking proxy list.
  3. Saving the proxy list.

AliveProxy gives you the following features to make proxy list:

  1. Cut out proxy server addresses from specified files or URLs (see: URLs with proxy list tab).
  2. Addition of new proxies manually.
  3. Editing records in the proxy list.
  4. Writing and saving description of any record.
  5. Deleting needed records.

The following features for checking proxies:

  1. Filtering needed records by any parameters of proxy.
  2. Checking all visible proxies.
  3. Selecting interesting proxies.
  4. Checking selected proxies.
  5. Checking only current proxy.
  6. Opening proxy IP in web browser.
  7. Opening smart WhoIs page for current proxy.
  8. Showing result of checking.

For saving the proxy list you can use two ways:

  1. Save proxy list to file (HTML, TXT, EXL, RFT)
  2. Export the whole proxy list to XML.

After checking you can see the following parameters:

  1. HTTP type - type of proxy server (Anonymous, Transparent, High anonymous).
  2. Number of successful checks - number of all successful checks of the proxy server.
  3. Number of checks - number of all successful and unsuccessful checks of the proxy server.
  4. Ping (ms) - time of ping of the proxy server address.
  5. Page of check - the content of the page, which is used for checking anonimity of proxy.
  6. Speed (bytes per second) - speed of getting test page through the proxy server.
  7. ISO country code - two character country code (example: us, de, ru, fr, ca, ...).
  8. ISO country - full country name.
  9. Number of hops - number of hosts between your location and the proxy server (take on flag "Enable tracerout" on the Options of proxy list tab).
  10. Tracerout - tracerout information for the proxy server (take on flag "Enable tracerout" on the Options of proxy list tab).
  11. Last check - date and time of last checking of the proxy server.
  12. Socks5 type - information about supporting Socks5 protocol (take on flag "Check Socks5 support" on the Options of proxy list tab).

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