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Using as Anonymizer

Sometimes you need more anonimity during web surfing. Built-in proxy server can help you. AliveProxy has several useful features to make you anonymous:

  1. Using anonymous proxy server for web surfing.
  2. Check of anonimity of proxy servers.
  3. Modification of values of http request variables.
  4. Automatic change of used proxy server in several events: after given intervals of time, after some quantity of requests, after some quantity of received bytes).

In order to start using AliveProxy as Anonymizer:

  1. Setup AliveProxy as proxy server.
  2. Select tab Proxy List and check your proxy list for anonimity.
  3. Set ON flag "Use for surfing" for several proxy servers with the largest speed, whose "HTTP type" is "High Anonimity" & "Anonimity".
  4. Select tab Http proxy server.
  5. Select subtab Options of proxy server and setup "Rules for proxy server changing" as follows:
    1. Given interval of time.
    2. Quantity of requests.
    3. Quantity of received bytes.
  6. Setup value of the rule selected. The less this value the more frequently proxy server will be changed.
  7. Select subtab Http request modification and enter wanted values of HTTP variables. You can simply set the values as blank.
  8. Set ON the checkbox "Enable HTTP request modification" on top toolbar.

After that you can surf anonymously.

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