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AiS Alive Proxy

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Q: Thank you for the serial number; however I'm unable to use Ais Proxy successfully. I've gone through the help file and followed direction I've also look at the on line help and same results. The proxy servers which i'm trying to use appear to be on-line and responding. Application status is: Ais Proxy server at running, but when open a browser and test to see if my ip address is hidden it's not, it still shows my above ip address instead of the proxy one. I've also tried adding the proxy server manually to IE and still no luck. Please advice, my main purpose for Ais proxy is to browse the web at this time.

A: Please adjust AliveProxy and your browser as it is shown in a picture. All should work. Let's describe on items that you should make:

  1. To find and check up serviceability of an anonymous proxy of the server. In our case we have found on page For example: High anonymity proxy server
  2. AliveProxy should use this proxy in adjustments "Connection via HTTP proxy server"
  3. Adjust your browser to job through AliveProxy. By default

Example fast adjustment AiS Alive Proxy Server.